Deep Clean and/or Recoat

Extend the life of your current surface

Deep Clean

Did you know that your hardwood floors are probably really dirty,even if you clean them frequently? Every floor could use a deep cleaning. We recommend having it done at least once a year.

What is deep cleaning? Bona Deep Cleaning is a process where we come to your home with our Bona deep clean machine. We scrub your floors with a cleaning solution and soft bristle brushes to get in all the nook and crannies. If you have any polishes or contaminants on the floor, we can remove those too! You can choose to stop there, or we can also apply a maintenance coat of waterborne finish to extend the life of your floors.


If your floors are not severely worn, they may be a good candidate for recoating. This will fill in any minor surface scratches and add another layer of protection to extend the life of your floor. This is usually done in combination with a deep clean. Typically this is a 1 day process.

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